Yes, your team mascot is racist.

atrocities against native Americans The next town over from me is voting today on whether or not to keep “the Indians” as the name of their high school mascot. The town’s school committee voted a few months ago to change the name, resulting in an uproar that has led to today’s ballot question. Based on the completely unscientific measure of yard signs, I’m guessing they will vote to keep the name.

The town itself is named after a guy who slaughtered an entire village of native people during King Phillip’s War, so the claims from the supporters of keeping the high school mascot as is constitutes some sort of tribute to the native tribes is a bit dubious.

If you are actually interested in commemorating the native people of your region, it seems to me like there are probably a few hundred better ways to do so than to name your high school sports team “the Indians.”

What I suspect you are really upset about is change and social progress, and the suggestion that your harrumphing about tradition and team spirit is cover for a history of unquestioned, unexamined racism and cultural hegemony.

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