Some days, I just want a cup of coffee.

Over the past few years, I have become more and more of a coffee snob. It started when I switched from a drip coffee maker to a French press two years ago. Next came the replacement of my old blade grinder with a burr grinder. Then, tired of the terrible coffee from hotel room coffee makers when I had to travel for work, I got an AeroPress. Finally, I switched to using the AeroPress at home as well, since it is so much easier to deal with than the French press and makes better coffee anyway.

My process could be much fussier, but I’m pretty happy with the cup of coffee it produces.

Having said all that, there are days when I miss coming downstairs in the morning to an already-brewed pot of coffee. I guess there are people who get into the ritual of the whole thing, and they are certainly welcome to it. For me, though, it is a hassle, especially first thing in the morning. It is not enough to me switch back to the drip coffee maker or one those terrible K-cup contraptions, but a hassle nonetheless.

Perhaps I should consider it a small daily reminder of the trade-off required for nice things.

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