Trump will never change.

On Twitter, Dan Drezner says:

And Jeet Heer responds:

Over the last few days, I have heard a bunch of media/pundit types claiming that this deal represents a New Trump, or somehow reveals the True Trump. Just this morning, The New York Times is running with a piece by Peter Baker titled "Trump, a ‘Lone Ranger,’ Upends the Two-Party Legacy". I guess this is just like when he shot cruise missiles at that Syrian airfield, or the times he has managed to read a scripted speech without vomiting on himself, or the other week when he produced the weakest possible disavowal of ACTUAL NAZIS while simultaneously criticizing violence "on all sides."

Trump is never going to turn a corner or "really become president" because he is a low-rent con artist who doesn't give a shit about anyone or anything except getting through this swindle before his shady creditors catch up with him.

As for Jeet Heer's question as to why so many centrist journalists need to believe a new Trump is emerging, the answer is that they need to believe it will happen because that belief is necessary to prop up their worldview. This view is the one that holds that politics is just a horse race and that journalists sit above it all, cynical and amused, but always objective. To acknowledge that Trump will never change—that we have been seeing the real Trump all along—would require them to take a side.

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