You should listen to *Pod Save America’s* interview with Hillary Clinton.

I am pretty done with podcasts that consist of 2-5 youngish white guys sitting around talking about things, so I tend to mostly avoid Pod Save America. However, the latest episode is entirely devoted to an interview with Hillary Clinton.

If you don’t like Clinton, I suspect you won’t like this interview, but you should listen to it anyway.

I happen to be someone who does like Hillary Clinton and thinks she would have made a good president—objectively and in her own right, not just relative to the self-dealing, authoritarian grifter currently occupying the White House. The reasons that I think that she would have been a good president are apparent in this interview.

Clinton has taken a predictable amount of criticism from the punditocracy for talking about how Bernie Sanders hurt her campaign, but she is right. It is easy enough for someone like Sanders to stand up and shout about how we need universal, single-payer healthcare and free college and money-out-of-politics. These are grand visions and laudable goals, but any questions about how they might actually be implemented or work in practice were met with hand-waving. It is the same thing we saw during the debate leading up to the passage of the Affordable Care Act, when the Left was hammering Obama for not seriously pushing a single-payer plan, but offered no explanation of how to actually get there beyond “We should at least try!”

It sucks to be the person in the room asking questions like “Ok, but how are we going to do that?” when everyone else is swept up in the though-leaderish euphoria of grand visions. Without that person, though, we never get anywhere.

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